Modernstone pavers Charcoal

Modernstone has it all

Homeowners are presented with a bewildering array of retaining wall options when trying to select the best wall for their home. Some look great but can’t go high enough. Others can go high enough but the caps don’t look right. Or they can make straight walls but not curved. Why can’t one wall have it...
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Breeze Blocks – Where Light and Air Meet

The National Masonry® Breeze Block collection has revitalised a 1970’s icon into a modern day contemporary classic. Brimming with sharp lines, vibrant texture, and rich colour, these modern day classics will compliment a diverse range of projects. National Masonry® Breeze Blocks can create unique walling and feature solutions that provide permeability of light and air...
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Pavers designer range

An Experience for the Senses

There is much to consider when it comes to architecture. In addition to space and mass complexes, the natural and architectural environment needs to be considered when any architectural project is being developed. Texture and colour play an important role and can often determine whether a building suits the existing environment. It’s important for the...
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Designer range blocks


Not just another brick, the ULTRA BRICK has been designed and engineered from the ground up delivering a premium pressed brick with a finish to suit any budget. A bespoke mix of raw materials have been combined with the latest pressing technology to produce a brick that is perfect in shape, consistency, durability, and easy to...
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