General Questions & FAQ

National Masonry™ has endeavoured to cover off as many common questions (FAQ) as we can on this page. National Masonry™ will continue to update this FAQ page with relevant help and assistance to ensure your experience with us is great.

Q. Who is National Masonry™?

The National Masonry™ story began with the acquisition of Boral Masonry’s Mackay operation in April 2012 and continues to grow with the acquisition of Boral Masonry’s South Queensland and Victorian operation in January 2013. National Masonry™ retains the heritage of expertise and industry credentials and combines these with the flexibility and innovative foresight of an independent privately owned company. Our customers will benefit from dealing with the same great people, same great products and services, and a new vision for the future.

Q. Are National Masonry™ products made in Australia?

Yes all of our concrete bricks, concrete blocks, concrete pavers, and retaining walls are made in our factories in Australia.

Q. Can I get assistance from a National Masonry™ Sales Representative?

National Masonry™ Sales Representatives are well trained and have a vast knowledge of the products and services offered by National Masonry™. Please phone to speak with to one of our friendly sales team.

If you are in or around Brisbane & South Queensland or North NSW phone 07 3271 9292
If you are in or around Mackay or North Queensland please phone 07 4955 1155
If you are in or Melbourne or Victoria please phone 03 9361 6400

Q. Are the colours and sizing the same on each unit?

Concrete Blocks, Concrete Bricks, Concrete Pavers and Retaining Wall products supplied by National Masonry™ are manufactured using raw materials that inherently vary in nature. Whilst all effort is made to produce uniformity in our range of products, variation in colour, texture, and finish can be present. The dimensional characteristics of all products are nominal and variations in length, height, and width can occur from unit to unit which needs to be taken into consideration when installing these products.

Q. Do you have a brochure showing your range of products?

Yes we have extensive range of brochures and guides available for download, please see our download section for all your brochure needs.

Q. What’s the procedure when I place an online order with you?

Once you have selected all the National Masonry™ products you require, simply Checkout – including all required details, and your order will be sent to us. One of our friendly National Masonry™ Sales Representatives will process your order and then contact you to confirm, before the order is shipped.

Q. Why do I see a “No products found” message when trying to see a product or product categories?

Wrong Location – The most common reason is you’re trying to view products in a location which does not match the location you’ve chosen, e.g. you’ve set your location to ‘Victoria’, yet you’re trying to view products in ‘Brisbane’. National Masonry™ products vary from location to location. To ensure our customers do not accidentally view or purchase products from the wrong location, we’ve disabled any products from being shown in all locations not currently selected.


Product Missing – If you’re Location settings match the Product Locations and you’re getting this error, it’s possible that a product has been removed, renamed or changed, or there are no currently available products in that Category. Please try viewing another category. If you believe a product should be displaying, but isn’t, please contact us to report the issue.

These links show all currently available products from each National Masonry™ location: