Are concrete pavers worth the money?


Concrete pavers are the perfect choice to give your outdoor area the stylish, individual touch it’s been waiting for. Available in a wide range of colours, finishes, textures and sizes, concrete pavers can make your outdoor design dream a reality. But the astute homeowner might be wondering whether an investment in concrete pavers will pay off over the long term. No-one likes wasting money – so let’s find out whether concrete pavers are worth the money you’ll pay for them.

How long-lasting are concrete pavers?

Any analysis of worth has to be made in light of how long the product will last you, with longer-lasting products obviously providing more value than short-lived ones that quickly need replacing. Well, you’re in luck with concrete pavers, as they can easily last a couple of decades (and sometimes more with good care) before needing replacement. You can also increase the longevity of your pavers even more by adding a sealant to provide added protection and life. When you spread your investment out over the space of many years, it’s easy to see that concrete pavers are a good investment, and well worth the money you’ll spend on them.

One caveat to keep in mind, however, is that the longevity of concrete pavers will depend on the quality of the paver. Concrete pavers can vary quite a lot in terms of strength and durability, as not all pavers are made equal. Only when buying well-made, high quality pavers such as those made by National Masonry can you be assured that they will last a long time.

Do concrete pavers increase the value of my home?

They certainly do!

Outdoor living areas are very popular and highly sought after by home buyers, who are actively seeking the benefits offered by an outdoor lifestyle. Adding an outdoor area to your home provides a sure way to add to the value of your home – and paving it will increase the selling price you can charge for your home even more. In fact, experts believe that a paved outdoor area can increase the value of your home by up to 12.4%, and can return over 100% of the investment you’ve made in it. There’re not too many home improvements you can make where you can make that sort of claim! This makes adding a paved outdoor area a no-brainer when it comes to value for money. And given the fact that concrete pavers are cheaper than most other paver types (for example, clay brick or stone), they provide the best possible return on investment.

A beautifully paved outdoor area will make your home much more attractive to potential buyers, as it expands the liveable area of your home. Paved outdoor areas create a wow factor that will set your home apart from others, and will establish a more relaxing, peaceful and appealing environment. The right pavers make the ideal backdrop for your outdoor furniture, décor or plants, and can make your space truly impressive. A high quality paved outdoor space will pay huge dividends when it comes time to sell your home.

Concrete pavers provide lifestyle benefits as well

There’s another way that concrete pavers provide value for money – and that’s in terms of the lifestyle benefits it will add to your life now. Yes, a paved outdoor area will provide great value for money, increase the value of your home and provide huge benefits when it comes time to sell. It will also provide some great lifestyle benefits while you’re living in the house that make it well worth the investment.

You can use your paved outdoor area to socialise, entertain, eat, play, garden, participate in hobbies or just to relax. It opens up a greater world of possibilities that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, and will add huge amounts of value to your home while you live in it, not just when you sell it. It’s a more intangible type of value, but nonetheless real, as the value of the time you spend in your outdoor area is immeasurable. Concrete pavers are not just a great financial investment, they’re also a wonderful investment in quality of life.

So, it’s quite clear that you’ll be making a wise decision when choosing concrete pavers for your outdoor area. Not only will they make your area look amazing, they will also last a long time and increase the value of your home. Worth the money you’ll pay for them? Without a doubt!