Modernstone has it all

Modernstone pavers Charcoal

Homeowners are presented with a bewildering array of retaining wall options when trying to select the best wall for their home. Some look great but can’t go high enough. Others can go high enough but the caps don’t look right. Or they can make straight walls but not curved. Why can’t one wall have it all?

Well, ONE does: Modernstone.

What’s more, the price recently dropped significantly to make it incredibly competitive for a wall that has it all!

Modernstone is the pinnacle of refinement in the National Masonry Retaining Walls family. This rock solid, dry stacked, interlocking walling system offers not only superior strength compared to other walls, but a full suite of matching components (caps and corners) that allow you to finish your landscaping like a pro.


  • Strong 280mm deep blocks for extra retaining power
  • Solid concrete tongue and groove interlocking system – no plastic clips required
  • Build one metre high vertical walls without reinforcement
  • Longer and lower than most wall blocks, giving a sleek, modern profile
  • Premium split face finish with a smooth, refined 10mm chamfer around the top and sides
  • The texture and length of our Classic Caps perfectly match the blocks
  • Matching corner blocks make professional-looking external 90° corners simple
  • Some other walls can boast SOME of these features, but Modernstone has it ALL

Where to use

  • Residential retaining walls
  • Commercial retaining walls
  • Distinctive planter box features
  • “No Dig” raised vegetable gardens that look superb
  • Entertainment areas – they double as extra seating!
  • Walls up to 2-3m high when reinforced with No Fines Concrete

Which Colour

Available in 3 colours to suit modern or classic homes

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